Shunned for the crime of developing fistula

The injustice facing women with fistula has been going on long before COVID-19. But the pandemic has only intensified it.

Will you donate now and help more women live free from fistula - and free from shame? >

Here's where your help is needed urgently

The lepers of today

Will you help put an end to the moral challenge of this century? You can help end the needless suffering of fistula.

Afar Crisis

Thrice Attacked: Hunger, thirst & conflict in Afar. Find out about the silent crisis hitting families in Afar right now.

Maximise your impact

Start small. Think big. Find out how a small, monthly donation makes a big and lasting difference in people's lives.

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You can help some of the poorest people on Earth

We work alongside local Ethiopian partners to bring trusted healthcare and education to some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in Ethiopia.

That means you are helping create change that is local, not imported for a true and lasting difference in people’s lives.

Have a read below of the different areas of work we're involved in - and the different ways you can put your donation to work.

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Forced mutilation & marriage

We teach about the dangers of female genital mutilation and child marriage to put an end to these traditions for good.

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Child exploitation & homelessness

We equip orphaned and vulnerable children for a safer, brighter future free from hunger, disease and exploitation.

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Obstetric fistula 

We increase access to and awareness of maternal health in order to make childbirth safer and eradicate fistula.  

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Women & girls' advancement

We open up equal education and earning opportunities so women can reach their full potential and be part of change.

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Violence against women

We protect and nurture survivors of abuse while tackling the root causes of violence against women.

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Hospice & palliative care

We provide complete care to those who are destitute and terminally ill so they can live out their lives with peace and dignity.

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Why Ethiopia?


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To this day, Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. More than one quarter of the population lives below the poverty line, roughly 1 in 5 children die before the age of 5 and only 39% of the population is literate. While the economy is fast developing, the poorest and most marginalised are being left behind.

We need your help to break this cycle of poverty and bring back health and hope to those who are most in need.

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Latest News  

Thrice Attacked: Hunger, thirst & conflict in Afar

21 April 2021

In the driest, hottest region of Ethiopia, the people of Afar have been hit by one disaster after another.

Field Update: Ephrem, COVID-19 & Palliative Care

5 March 2021

Direct from Addis Ababa > Hear from Hospice Ethiopia's Ephrem Abathun about COVID's impact on his hospice and palliative care program.

Selam! Your Summer Newsletter

2 February 2021

Hot off the press! Meet an Afari clan leader, get updates on your recent donations, learn all about donkey ambulances and much more!

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