Gender-based violence

No woman, no girl deserves this.

Our aim. To protect survivors of abuse, equip them for a safe, independent life, and tackle the root causes of gender-based violence in Ethiopia.

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The challenge today

Gender-based violence is one of the most systematic, widespread human rights violations in the world. In Ethiopia, half of all women have experienced physical or sexual violence at least once in their lifetime.

Despite laws which outlaw it, rates of gender-based violence in Ethiopia remain high. In many areas, traditional cultural values around the treatment of women are deeply entrenched and many people ignore or are simply unaware of new laws.

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The solution you can be part of

We’ve teamed up with an Ethiopia-wide project partner who run a two-part, evidence-based solution to provide immediate protection and tackle the root causes of gender-based violence.

  • Providing safe sanctuary for women and girls experiencing abuse through six safe shelters across Ethiopia

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  • Along with meals, healthcare and counselling, residents receive legal counsel, literacy lessons, art/dance therapy, self-defence classes and skills training so they can leave independent, confident and workplace-ready

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  • Training law enforcement, community leaders and teachers on how to better identify, report and prosecute cases of violence

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  • Running gender-based violence workshops in schools to ensure boys and girls don’t grow up normalising violence


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See the solution in action

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The impact you can have

“I am so happy here because I eat good food, I sleep in a bed and I play with the other children.”

Liya was barely old enough to go to school when she was raped for the first time.

“Every day when my family isn’t there, he takes me. He forces me to lie on the ground.”

Her story is heartbreaking but thanks to project partners AWSAD, Liya had somewhere safe to turn and help seeking justice.

After three months of counselling, legal help and kids’ art therapy, Liya was able to return home happy and healthy, with peace of mind knowing her perpetrator was behind bars. She says she’s going to be an artist one day.

It’s not enough to make sure girls like Liya survive – through AWSAD, you can make sure they thrive.

Ethiopian girl rehabilitating at a safe shelter for gender-based violence in Ethiopia

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Meet your project partners

Association for Women's Sanctuary & Development

Association for Women's Sanctuary & Development

The Association for Women's Sanctuary & Development (AWSAD) was co-founded in 2003 by former High Court Judge and pro bono legal advisor, Maria Munir, who recognised women and girls facing abuse needed more than legal support. Today, AWSAD runs six 24/7 women’s safe shelters for survivors of abuse and takes an active stance against gender-based violence in these communities.

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Make your impact

Donate today to help protect a girl like Liya from abuse and stop this from happening to another woman or child.

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