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Your business can be part of positive and lasting social change in one of the poorest countries on earth.

Grow customer loyalty, engage your team and stand out from the crowd while helping end poverty in Ethiopia, all through an Australian workplace giving program.

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Benefits of workplace giving

Growing customer loyalty is a benefit of workplace giving

Grow customer loyalty

3 in 5 Australians rate a business more highly if they support a social or environmental cause. Workplace giving and matched donation programs are one of the simplest ways to show your customers that you care.


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Engaging your team is a benefit of workplace giving

Engage your team

Unite your staff around a common charitable cause. About 85% of staff feel it’s important to give back through the workplace and just over 3 in 4 millennials consider corporate social responsibility during the job hunt.


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Creating a positive point of difference is another benefit  of workplace giving

Stand out from the crowd

Create a positive point of difference among customers and prospective employees by connecting your business with a mission to help some of the poorest people on earth. The best thing is – you can do this without needing to leave the office!


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What is workplace giving?

Workplace giving provides employees the opportunity to donate a small amount of their pre-tax pay to a chosen charity each month. The charity must have deductible gift recipient (DGR) status, meaning it is entitled to receive tax deductible gifts. (For example, Ethiopiaid Australia is a deductible gift recipient and all donations $2 and over are tax deductible).

Workplace giving is no-cost, easy to set up and is highly effective for all involved. 

Some workplaces also match the monthly donation amount specified by their employee to increase their team’s impact and build up their corporate philanthropy.

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Why partner with Ethiopiaid?   

Benefits of workplace giving with Ethiopiaid Australia - we provide full spectrum support in Ethiopia

Birth to palliative

We're one of the only non-profits supporting complete neonatal to palliative care. That means your business will always help those who need it the most, no matter what stage of life they’re at.

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Benefits of workplace giving with Ethiopiaid Australia - we are local and trusted in Ethiopia

Local, not imported

We believe change should be local, not imported. That means you’ll be making a difference through trusted, local community partners who are best placed to help their people and their region.

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Benefits of workplace giving with Ethiopiaid Australia - we have low admin costs

Small but mighty

We're a small non-profit with low admin and overheads, but with a loyal and passionate supporter base in Australia. This means your donation always goes straight to where it’s needed overseas

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Benefits of workplace giving with Ethiopiaid Australia - we provide real time results

Real results

As an Australia-based charity with local contacts in Ethiopia, you get trusted, real time results on the impact you are having. Plus, you can see this in person on one of our inspiring field trips to Ethiopia.

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How to start a workplace giving program in Australia

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to start your Australian workplace giving program.
Setting up a workplace giving program in Australia will help end poverty in Ethiopia

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1. Nominate what you care about

Nominate one or multiple charities for workplace giving with your team, HR department or management.

Note: the charity needs to have ongoing deductible gift recipient (DGR) status. You can check via the Australian Business Register here > 

2. Set up payroll

The HR or payroll team will need to choose whether to manage the workplace giving program internally or use a third-party platform. Third party platforms include Good 2 Give and Good Company.

If you're managing the program internally, the Australian Government has put together an excellent step-by-step guide on how to set up a working giving program on your payroll >

3. Get the word out in the office

Do other team members share your values or are interested in contributing too? Get the word out:

  • Hang up posters around the office. We can send you personalised marketing collateral. 
  • Host a fundraising event like a morning tea or traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.
  • Organise a workplace presentation. Ask us about having the Ethiopiaid CEO visit your workplace for a talk or presentation.

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FAQ: Is workplace giving tax deductible?

Yes, workplace giving is tax deductible. At the end of the financial year, you can claim a tax deduction in your income tax return that is equal to the total donation amount in your payment summary, without needing to keep any receipts.

It's important to note that workplace giving does not affect your gross income, meaning it won't reduce the amount of tax you pay each pay cycle. 

Ethiopiaid Australia is a deductible gift recipient (DGR), so all donations $2 and over are 100% tax deductible. This can lead to significant savings come tax time for businesses that match gifts or make a corporate donation.

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Any questions?   

03 9864 6060

Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm

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More ways to get involved

Donate monthly

Be there each month for children and women, and help create positive, lasting change in their lives.

Host a fundraiser

Make a difference in Ethiopia and make some fun! The sky's the limit when you host a fundraiser.

Consider a gift in your Will

Leave your mark on the world. What values do you hold most dear? Discover how your life can become a legacy.

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