Buy your copy of "Maalika: My Life among the Afar Nomads of Africa"

Meet long-time project partner, Valerie Browning.

...and get a glimpse into one of the most remote and isolated regions of Ethiopia.

For every book sold, proceeds go back into local healthcare and education in Ethiopia.

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Follow the extraordinary life of Australian nurse and Ethiopiaid's long-time project partner, Valerie Browning AM in her gripping biography, "Maalika: My Life among the Afar Nomads of Africa". After volunteering to help the victims of Ethiopia's famine in 1973, little did she know that her life - and the lives of countless people in Afar - were about to change forever.

Follow her journey as she co-founds our partners, the Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA) and dedicates her life for the human rights of people in one of the most remote and isolated regions of Ethiopia.

When you buy your copy of "Maalika" from us, proceeds from your purchase go back into local healthcare and education in Ethiopia and continue Valerie's mission to help those most in need.


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“Equal parts inspiring, shocking and heart-wrenching. The raw honesty in this biography matches Valerie’s frank and determined spirit. I finished the last chapter feeling older and wiser – but also more hopeful for the future of humanity, seeing what we can achieve if only we work together. I am infinitely humbled and proud to support Valerie’s work and call her my friend."
Sharon Elliott, CEO Ethiopiaid Australia

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