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Field Update: Conflict in the Simien Mountains

18 November 2021

"...we had one midwife escape in the middle of the night. She walked all the way to Debark, about 120km, over three days over the mountains."

Field Update: Chiro Leba in the Simien Mountains

7 October 2021

"If you want to think about something that would move you, take the walk that I took last night... through a graveyard of stillborn babies."

Field Update: Armed forces leave Afar - September 2021

8 September 2021

After 7 weeks of violence, APDA reports that armed forces have left the Afar region. However, displaced families remain in humanitarian crisis.

Field Update: Conflict Escalating - August 2021

19 August 2021

Direct from Afar > Hear from Valerie Browning as the ongoing conflict in northern Ethiopia spills over into neighbouring regions.

Conflict in Tigray - August 2021

4 August 2021

It’s been 10 months since conflict broke out in Tigray, a region of northern Ethiopia, and the crisis is only worsening. Get an update here.

Selam! Your Winter Newsletter

21 July 2021

Hear from teenage Safe Motherhood Ambassador Mimi, get an update from disaster-stricken Afar and much more in this issue of Selam.

Thrice Attacked: Hunger, thirst & conflict in Afar

21 April 2021

In the driest, hottest region of Ethiopia, the people of Afar have been hit by one disaster after another.

Field Update: Ephrem, COVID-19 & Palliative Care

5 March 2021

Direct from Addis Ababa > Hear from Hospice Ethiopia's Ephrem Abathun about COVID's impact on his hospice and palliative care program.

Selam! Your Summer Newsletter

2 February 2021

Hot off the press! Meet an Afari clan leader, get updates on your recent donations, learn all about donkey ambulances and much more!

YOUR Impact: 2019/20 Impact Report

1 January 2021

A year in review > Read about the milestones you've helped achieve in Ethiopia this past financial year.

LIVE Update: Violence in Tigray

17 November 2020

Official statement > Statement from our CEO Sharon Elliott in response to political and ethnic violence in Tigray, northern Ethiopia.

Breaking now: Crisis in Debre Berhan

28 September 2020

Find out why COVID-19 has hit Debre Berhan so badly, hear from on-the-ground working mother Edna, and see our plan in action to help.

Selam! Your Winter Newsletter

6 August 2020

Extra extra! Check in on the impact you're having in Ethiopia with your Winter Newsletter, plus keep updated on COVID-19 in Ethiopia.

Ethiopiaid LIVE: An Interview with Allison Shigo

5 August 2020

Join us in our first-ever live Q&A with Allison Shigo, Co-Founder of fistula project partners Healing Hands of Joy. Watch your recording today!

The Ambassador: Gojjam's Fight with Fistula

30 July 2020

Watch > Hear from 24-year-old Gojjam as she bravely speaks out about her experience with obstetric fistula in Ethiopia. By Healing Hands of Joy.

Coronavirus in Ethiopia: Video Update June 2020

16 June 2020

Hopeful forecast > Analysts now say coronavirus in Ethiopia and Africa might be less severe. Learn how COVID-19 is affecting your programs in Ethio...

Field Update: Valerie Browning in Afar May 2020

19 May 2020

Direct from Afar > Hear from Valerie Browning as she and APDA battle malnutrition, disease, locusts and COVID-19 in north-east Ethiopia.

Coronavirus in Ethiopia: Background April 2020

25 April 2020

Catastropic > As COVID-19 enters Ethiopia, learn more on coronavirus in Africa including total cases of coronavirus in Africa to date.

Coronavirus in Ethiopia: CEO Statement April 2020

15 April 2020

Official statement > Statement from our CEO Sharon Elliott in response to the coronavirus as it starts to hit Africa and Ethiopia.

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