How your donation is used

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Low overheads + effective fundraising = maximum return to the people who need our help the most.

With pro bono office space, a salaried team of four and wholesale prices for all our fundraising costs, we can guarantee that every dollar is used as effectively as possible.

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How much goes where?

Here's a year-to-year average of how we invest and distribute our funding.
Ethiopiaid Australia spends 5% on admin on average
Admin 5%

A small team and efficient software systems keep our admin costs down.

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Ethiopiaid Australia spends 10% on operational expenses on average
Operating expenses 10%

One pro bono office space and wholesale suppliers minimise our operating expenses.

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Ethiopiaid Australia spends 25% on fundraising on average
Fundraising 25%

Roughly 1/4 of our income is needed to raise awareness and support for our work in Ethiopia.

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Ethiopiaid Australia sends 60-80% of income to Ethiopia on average
Ethiopia 60-70%

We aim to give 60-70c per dollar to our field partners and areas of work in Ethiopia.

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“With sincere thanks for your work with those who are in horrific situations. Your efforts will make the world a better place and hopefully will bring about much needed change. Blessings, Elizabeth.”
Elizabeth, Springwood NSW 

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How 100% of your donation helps long-term

Like any business, some years we invest a higher percentage into our marketing or fundraising so that we can expand our reach, grow our network of passionate supporters and ultimately increase the amount of funds we raise. 

However, unlike other businesses, whenever we invest more here, we channel our increased profits back to Ethiopian people and communities in need. 

Our theory is simple. We'd rather send 60% of $1 million to Ethiopia, than 90% of $500,000.

Here's our promise to you. When you make a donation to Ethiopiaid, 100% of it helps over the long-term.

It helps give immediate support to those in desperate need overseas. It helps us reach more people like you and raise the next dollar. Most importantly, it helps keep our mission alive.

Positive change won't happen overnight, but it's 100% thanks to you that we can provide the long-term support that's needed for true and lasting change in Ethiopia.

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Breakdown via our areas of work

Here’s how much we’ve given to our areas of work in Ethiopia across the 2020-2021 financial year.


Ethiopiaid Australia distribution of funding

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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

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