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Welcome to the Tesifa Regular Giving Club.

When you join our trusted monthly giving program, you join our Tesifa Club, because every month you're bringing back hope or tesifa to those most in need.

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How your monthly donation helps in Ethiopia

Think big. Think sustainable. Your monthly donation goes towards things like food, sanitary kits and fistula toolkits – simple things that make a big and ongoing difference in people’s lives.
Teenage girls in rural Ethiopia can finish their education through monthly giving programs

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Did you know it costs just $5 for a reusable sanitary kit for a teenage girl? Yet this kit gives her the means to manage puberty with dignity and ensures she won’t be forced to drop out of school.

Or, it costs $126 to equip a trained Safe Motherhood Ambassador with a toolkit so she can teach others how to prevent obstetric fistula and help women suffering get free medical treatment. This toolkit is what’s helping Ambassadors to end fistula in Ethiopia for good.

Or, did you know that for $50 you can provide a month’s worth of meals for a resident at our safe shelter? But it’s not just food you’re providing – it’s that warm, hearty comfort that gives people the strength to heal and rebuild their lives.

It starts with something small and ends with something big. Start your monthly donation to Ethiopia and start making your long-lasting difference.

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"Ethiopiaid has given us the chance to support abused women and girls, allowing them to pursue their dreams of becoming educated and have hope for a better tomorrow."
Project partner Maria Munir, Association for Women's Sanctuary & Development

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Members only: Your exclusive perks as a Tesifa Club member

Ethiopiaid's Tesifa Club for monthly giving to Ethiopia

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As part of the Tesifa Monthly Giving Club, you get access to exclusive content direct from Ethiopia.

  • Be the first to know about news and progress
  • Get behind-the-scenes interviews, photos and videos straight to your inbox
  • Receive invitations to limited-place, special events before anyone else 
  • ...Including live Q&A’s, breakfasts with visiting Ethiopian partners and fundraising trips to Ethiopia.

You'll also receive small Ethiopian keepsakes every now and then, such as at the end of a financial year or to mark major milestones, to recognise all that you are doing for people in need in Ethiopia.

Plus, you get special rights to the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing you’re making a true and long-lasting difference in people’s lives.

Go ahead and enjoy the feeling. You’re doing something wonderful!

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FAQ: Can I sponsor a child in Ethiopia?

Unfortunately, we do not run a child sponsorship program in Ethiopia. For a small-sized charity, the administrative costs needed to run a child sponsorship program are not practical. However, our monthly donation program has a similar impact to sponsoring a child. Your monthly donation to Ethiopia goes to local, grassroots programs which focus on education, health and equal opportunity and which help children, women and communities grow and thrive. It’s a simple, sustainable solution that helps this generation and the next. 

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More ways to get involved

Set up workplace giving

Is workplace giving right for you? Cut out the red tape with a small donation from your pre-tax paycheck. 

Host a fundraiser

Make a difference in Ethiopia and make some fun! The sky's the limit when you host a fundraiser.

Consider a gift in your Will

Leave your mark on the world. What values do you hold most dear? Discover how your life can become a legacy.

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