What sets us apart

Positive change by Ethiopians, for Ethiopians.

We’re firm believers in people-powered change.

We’ve teamed up with local, grassroots organisations in Ethiopia. That means your donations go to local programs and communities, equipping people with the skills and resources to lift themselves out of poverty today and for generations to come.

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Local, not imported

We believe that truly sustainable change should be local, not imported. That’s why our approach is different. We partner up with local, community-based organisations all across Ethiopia who know what it takes to help their people and their region.


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From birth to palliative

We’re one of the only non-profits in Ethiopia supporting complete neonatal to palliative care. We're there for the poorest and most vulnerable, regardless of age, gender or location. That means you’ll always be able to help those who need it the most.


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Connecting you

As an Australian charity, we can connect you with the causes you care about in Ethiopia. We also make certain your donation is being used as effectively as possible and ensure you get trusted, real-time results on the impact you are having.


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"The people of Ethiopia are dynamic and engaging enough to create change for themselves, if given the chance."
Sir Alec Reed, founder of Ethiopiaid

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How this makes a difference

By funding local projects and partners in Ethiopia, your support not only provides immediate relief, like food for a hungry child or surgery for a woman with fistula, but is invested into essential infrastructure for social change - things like education pathways, career opportunities and new health services.

Over time, your support helps to build up the knowledge, skills and resources among people and communities, enabling them to be drivers of their own development. 

It’s people powered change – by the people of Ethiopia, for the people of Ethiopia. And it's making a positive and lasting difference Ethiopia-wide.

Group of children in Afar Ethiopia, sitting together and giggling

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Recent highlights

This is what you have helped to achieve! Get a snapshot of our recent highlights below, or click here to read your latest Impact Report >


50 women Extension Workers trained to stop FGM in Ethiopia


50 women Extension Workers trained to stop FGM and early marriage

51 women with fistula and pelvic prolapse treated at Gondar Fistula Centre in Ethiopia


89 women with fistula and pelvic prolapse treated at Gondar Fistula Centre

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357 women and 138 children provided safe shelter from GBV in Ethiopia


240 women survivors of violence provided safe shelter

110 orphans in Ethiopia attended mobile street schooling


8,481 children living on the streets attended mobile street schooling

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2,500 reusable sanitary kits distributed to end period poverty in Ethiopia


280 reusable sanitary kits and puberty booklets distributed

268 patients provided hospice or palliative care in Ethiopia


130 patients provided hospice or palliative care

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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

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