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Maternal Health

Only 1 in 10 women will have their birth attended to by a skilled professional. Help us to ensure that the 9,000 women each year who develop obstetric fistulas return to their families healed, happy and proud - and help us to eradicate it completely by 2020. Find out how...

Maternal Health

FGM and Harmful Practices

It takes a community to create change.  Our partners are creating an open dialogue to bring taboo subjects to light and to put a stop to women suffering in silence.  To learn more, click here. 

FGM and Harmful Practices

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Tragically, one in eight Ethiopian children have lost one or both of their parents. Our partners provide Ethiopia's most vulnerable children with care, support, opportunity and a Hope For Tomorrow.  To find our more, click here.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

How your donation helps...

Provides a nightgown for an obstetric fistula patient

Empower a young girl by teaching her about her rights at a 10-day workshop

Provides clothes and shoes for one child for an entire year

Fund field kits, complete with food, soap and safe birthing materials for young mothers

Covers the cost of a life saving obstetric fistula surgery


Here at Ethiopiaid Australia, we're all about enabling people to change their lives.

Ethiopiaid Australia is a not-for-profit charity raising funds for our trusted community partners in Ethiopia. Our approach is different - we form partnerships with grassroots organisations known for their expertise and ambition, who implement approved projects that address maternal health, FGM and women's empowerment, education and poverty reduction.  We believe that truly sustainable change should be local, not imported. Ethiopiaid is here to give a voice to these incredible grassroots programs that otherwise would have gone unheard.

  • Harmful Traditional Practices

    Harmful Traditional Practices such as FGM and childhood marriage disproportionately affect girls and until now they've had almost no say in regards to the practices afflicted against their bodies. Read about how Ethiopiaid Australia is giving girls a voice:

  • Education for all

    Education is key to the success of a growing country. Read about how Ethiopiaid Australia is providing access to education for everyone across the country, regardless of age and gender:

  • Women’s empowerment

    Ethiopiaid Australia envisions an Ethiopia where women are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to reach their full potential. Read about what we're doing to achieve that vision ->

  • Orphans & Vulnerable Children

    Ethiopia has one of the highest orphan rates in the world. With Ethiopia's future in the hands of its children, Ethiopiaid Australia is partnering with incredible organisations to support vulnerable children into a successful adulthood:

  • Maternal Health

    The Ethiopian Government is working to eradicate obstetric fistula by 2020 and Ethiopiaid Australia has partnered with two incredible organisations to help Ethiopia achieve this vision: