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Want to make a difference in Ethiopia and have some fun?

Whether you organise your own event, donate your birthday, or join us on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Ethiopia, you'll be making a real and active difference for people in need. 

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Host your own event

Why not enjoy a morning tea at work, or host a Sunday brunch with friends? Hosting a fundraising event can be as big or as little as you make it! You can even hold an Ethiopian Coffee ceremony, one of the most important traditional customs in Ethiopia. 


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Donate your birthday

Donating your birthday or special occasion is a simple and beautiful way to share your values. Simply let your guests know that you would appreciate a donation to your chosen charity in lieu of presents. Then enjoy your special day while knowing you're helping a good cause. 


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Join us in Ethiopia

Are you excited to see the impact you're having in person? Would you like to meet your Ethiopian field partners? Join us on one of our inspiring trips to Ethiopia. We keep it simple and personal. Get in touch to discuss the dates and costs of the trip. We'll be with you every step of the way.


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How to host an Ethiopian coffee ceremony

The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is an important traditional custom, dating back hundreds of years. A sign of respect and friendship, it is performed to welcome visitors into the home and to celebrate an occasion. 
To host your own coffee ceremony, you will need:
  • Ethiopian coffee beans (sorry, Moccona won't cut it this time around!)
  • Sugar
  • Frying pan
  • Coffee grinder / grinder attachment on food processor / mortar and pestle
  • Espresso cups or small tea cups
  • Incense or fragrant candles
  • Decorative flowers and greenery
  • Popcorn is traditionally served, but you can opt for any sweet or savoury snack

Set the scene by scattering greenery on the floor, wafting fragrance and playing some background Ethiopian music. When guests arrive, begin to roast the coffee beans; every guest should be invited to smell the roasting beans. Serving the coffee is a focal part of the ceremony. Arrange your cups tightly together on a tray and pour the coffee in a continuous stream from about a foot above the cups. Didn't work the first time? Don't worry - three rounds of coffee are served throughout the ceremony so you'll have plenty of practice!

COMING SOON! Get handy tips and tricks with our step-by-step guide on how to host your Ethiopian coffee ceremony.

Download my Ethiopian coffee ceremony guide

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