Thank you from Dr Ambaye!

14 July 2022

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"I want to take this opportunity to pass this message to Ethiopiaid Australia and all the donors..."

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Video transcript

I want to take this opportunity to pass this message to Ethiopiaid Australia and all the donors.

I have a special place in my heart I think for people of Australia because of Catherine Hamlin. She's my role model and I know what it means to give service to people.

When you see people - a woman, a cured fistula patient, sometimes they cry. They cry because of happiness. The way you see them when they arrive at the hospital and when they leave is completely different.

And as a person - because I am working with these women, I feel their loneliness when come to the hospital because they have been isolated for many months or some years and then they come with that burden to the hospital. So I feel it. And then I feel their waiting after surgery; [they are] suspended: "What's going to happen to me when the catheter is removed? Am I going to be cured or am I going to be still wet?" I reassure them that they will be alright and then, you know, not to be worried about the outcome.

And sometimes when the surgery is failed [or needs to be re-tried], your heart is breaking with them. So this is the feeling I have with the fistula patients.

Because of you I am able to maintain it. I'm still working on these fistula patients and I'm feeling that I'm helping them. Without your help, I am not able to support these patients.

So on behalf of fistula patients, I would like to thank you all - all donors - in contributing for the woman/victim of obstetric fistula in Ethiopia.