Women’s Empowerment

Simply by being born female, an Ethiopian woman is faced with barriers throughout her life which continuously push her down. Barriers like unsupportive school systems, lack of maternal healthcare, early marriage and gender based violence. Barriers which slowly strip away her power to reach her full potential… Just because she was born female.

Women’s Empowerment

OUR AIM: To help Ethiopia’s women reach their full potential, empowering them with the knowledge and skills they need to become self-sufficient.

Our Solution

How you’re helping empower Ethiopian women to reach their full potential

Your support of women’s empowerment goes to three leading partners, the Association for Women's Health & Development, Dignity Period and Yenege Tesfa, who are dedicated to improving educational opportunities for women, increasing their ability to earn a sustainable living, and providing safe spaces for vulnerable girls to thrive.

  • Safe Houses

    • The Association for Women’s Sanctuary & Development (AWSAD) provides sanctuaries to women who have experienced abuse or violence
    • Provide safe shelter, counselling, legal aid and skills training to help them regain their confidence and rebuild their lives

  • Education

    • Dignity Period distributes reusable sanitary pads and hygiene kits for adolescent girls to manage their periods discreetly without being forced to stay home from school each month
    • Teach boys and girls about puberty and menstruation via factual information booklets to break down the taboo behind these topics, encourage students to be more supportive, and stop girls being so isolated and shamed once they reach puberty
    • Read about how 16-year-old Harifeya was empowered to continue her education here!

  • Livelihood

    • Yenege Tesfa trains single mothers in simple agriculture and animal husbandry so they can grow their own vegetables and raise their own livestock; first to feed their families but also to supplement their income
    • Provide financial management training and small loans to help these women get started
    • This also means families can afford to send their children to school instead of children having to leave home and find work at a young age to support their family

Our Impact

How you’ve helped already: Meet the class of 2018!

It was thanks to the backing of you – our wonderful supporters – that a new class of graduates were able to complete their hair dressing course through the Association for Women’s Sanctuary & Development (AWSAD).

These 13 young women, aged 14 to 20, spent six months training in hair cutting, styling, make up and nail care. Their next step is to complete their apprenticeship at a chosen hair salon in the capital, Addis Ababa.

After this they will be fully qualified as professional hair dressers!

From survivors of violence to young working professionals, these girls have rebuilt their lives and emerged as strong, confident and independent young women.

Ethiopian women graduated as hairdressers through Association for Women's Sanctuary & Development

AWSAD’s 13 new graduates at their graduation ceremony