Your pledge for girls in crisis


"You are far away but always with us..."

Thanks for writing your message of hope and solidarity for women and girls experiencing abuse.

See how your pledge has made its way to Ethiopia and hear from safe shelter Executive Director, Maria Munir, as she receives your messages.

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How we're sending your pledges to Ethiopia

Each week, we turn your messages into a printable A3 collage and email them to our sponsored safe shelters in Ethiopia. These collages are then printed out and hung from the walls so that safe shelter residents are surrounded by your well wishes.

Scroll through the latest pledges here. Updated weekly. 500 pledges and counting!

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"You are far away but always with us..."

A warm and heartfelt thank you from Maria Munir, Executive Director of the safe shelters.
Maria Munir, AWSAD Executive Director, reading Ethiopiaid's messages to children at the safe shelter

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Thank you for the message. It means a lot for us, for staff and the safe house residents.

They are so energetic, so supportive and when I read the message I think of you just beside me.

You are far away but always with us; always your heart is with us and supportive and thinking about us.

Thank you very much for everything you are doing to support us. Thank you.

Maria Munir
Executive Director
Association for Women's Sanctuary & Development (AWSAD)

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Will you make another pledge?

Now more than ever you are desperately needed to help protect women and girls in Ethiopia. Will you make one more pledge today? Can you sign up to a small, monthly donation for 12 months to help vulnerable women and girls survive this coranavirus crisis?

From $10 a month you can provide safe shelter, medical care and new-start job training. Most of all, you’ll ensure women and girls facing abuse ALWAYS have somewhere safe to turn.

Give $10 a month to help girls survive the crisis

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Give where needed most

Provide immediate, urgent essentials like food, medicine and shelter for those in need or in danger.

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