How your donation

is used

Keeping you informed.

Low overheads + Effective fundraising = Maximum return to the people who need our help the most.

With pro bono office space, a salaried team of three and wholesale prices for all our fundraising costs, we can guarantee that every dollar is used as effectively as possible.

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How much goes where?

Here's a year-to-year average of how we invest and distribute our funding.

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  • 15-20% | Low admin and operating costs - always - thanks to a small team, pro bono office space and wholesale suppliers.

  • 25% | Roughly one-quarter goes to vital fundraising. When we invest here, our total income goes up and we have more funding to give to field partners overseas. 

  • 40-80% | We allocate the highest amount possible for our trusted field partners and our areas of work in Ethiopia. This does vary depending on exchange rates, fundraising investments and the Australian/Ethiopian economies. 

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Breakdown via our areas of work

Here’s how much we’ve given to our areas of work in Ethiopia across the 2018-2019 financial year.
Dangerous traditions


Families and communities


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Fistula and maternal health


Education for all


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Survivors of violence


Hospice and palliative care
Stay tuned! New partner as of 2019-2020.

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“With sincere thanks for your work with those who are in horrific situations. Your efforts will make the world a better place and hopefully will bring about much needed change. Blessings, Elizabeth.”
Elizabeth, Springwood NSW 

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Check out our financials

Every year our accounts are audited three times - by a registered accountant, by our Board of Directors and by you. Have a read through our most recent financial statements here. 

> Audited Financial Statements | Ethiopiaid Australia | 2018-2019

> Audited Financial Statements | Ethiopiaid Australia | 2017-2018

> Audited Financial Statements | Ethiopiaid Australia | 2016-2017

> Audited Financial Statements | Ethiopiaid Australia | 2015-2016

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