Hospice and palliative care

Restoring peace and dignity.

Our aim. To provide medical, emotional and financial care to those who are destitute and terminally ill so that they can live out their lives with peace and dignity. 

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The challenge today

There is only one radiation therapy machine in the whole of Ethiopia. One machine for a population of over 110 million. To this day, awareness of hospice and palliative care is low and access is severely limited, especially outside the cities.

Many people wracked with cancer or HIV don’t know what’s happening to them. The wealthy may go abroad for treatment, but the majority of people die in pain and without dignity.

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The solution you can be part of

We work alongside one of only two non-government palliative care providers in the whole of Ethiopia to improve the quality of life for terminally ill patients and improve nation-wide access to palliative care.  Here’s how:

  • Providing at-home palliative care, an outpatient clinic for check-ups and a day care centre for social and emotional support

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  • Offering grief counselling and financial assistance for family members

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  • Training up health professionals in palliative care, pain assessment and long-term pain control

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  • Building awareness among the public and policy makers about the existence and importance of palliative care

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See the solution in action

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The impact you can have

“I have no pain anymore and no fear. I have trust for my family’s future. I have peace.”
For cancer patients like Azeb, there is huge need for hospice and palliative care in Ethiopia

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40-year-old, mother of four Azeb had been battling cervical cancer for years. When our project partners found her, she was in severe pain, unable to walk or to sit up, with a maggot infestation at the site of her tumour.

Azeb says the medical and financial help she got from Hospice Ethiopia was enormous: “Before I was in darkness. It is around me still and some days it feels very heavy, but the nurses are here with me and I have trust for my family’s future. I have peace."

As palliative care awareness improves in Ethiopia, you can help reach even more people like Azeb and bring back peace and dignity for those in desperate need.

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Meet your project partners

> Hospice Ethiopia

Hospice Ethiopia is one of only two organisations in Ethiopia providing palliative care for those who are destitute and terminally ill. Along with their patient and family member support, they work to create greater awareness about the existence and benefits of palliative care by training health professionals, encouraging referrals to hospice care from general health clinics and sharing research in palliative care across Ethiopia. Currently operating in Addis Ababa, Hospice Ethiopia plans to expand their much-needed services to the whole of Ethiopia. 

Hospice Ethiopia

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Make your impact

Donate today to help a terminally ill person like Azeb live out their life with peace and dignity.

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