When crisis hits, women with fistula fall right down the priority list.

By donating today, you'll be helping to find, treat and prevent cases of fistula throughout Ethiopia.

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Yes, I'll help fight fistula and end the needless suffering it causes women.



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“It is so encouraging to hear how much good work is being done in Ethiopia to combat the pain and life-changing effects of fistula. The fact that so many women and young girls are being helped is really wonderful. Thank you for all you do and our thoughts are always with you.”
Carolyn, New Gisborne VIC

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My name is Buna and I’m writing to you from my home in Guji...

44 year old Buna from Guji Ethiopia speaking about obstetric fistula in Ethiopia

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The year I turned 25 was the worst year of my life.

I was pregnant and everything was normal. I planned on giving birth at home, just like I had with my other babies. 

But when I went into labour, something was different. The baby wasn’t coming out. For two days, I cried and begged God to end my suffering. And at last, the baby came.

It was a son. But he never took a breath.

Grief overcame me. I mourned the loss of my baby. But then I realised something else had happened to me: I could no longer hold in my urine.

I felt such shame. My neighbours whispered about me, saying I must have done something bad for God to punish me like this.

I smelled bad and was always sad. My children didn’t want to come near me. Relatives and the community were not there for me. I wanted to die.

Buna lived with the shame and pain of fistula for 25 years, not knowing she could be cured. Yet her suffering could have been prevented if women had access to safe delivery options.
The solution is in our reach. Will you be part of the solution to end fistula today?


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Where does my donation go?

Your donation goes to our local project partners called Healing Hands of Joy who are on-the-ground in Ethiopia and who run fistula awareness, prevention and treatment campaigns in remote and rural communities where maternal healthcare is scarce.

What does my donation do?

Part of your donation goes towards transport, surgery and post-operative care costs for a woman suffering from fistula. Part will act to train former patients as Safe Motherhood Ambassadors to teach about safe pregnancy and childbirth. Finally, depending on a patient’s circumstances back home, part of your donation may go towards a micro-loan so she can start a small business, earn reliable income and lift herself out of poverty.

How does my donation help during COVID-19?

Even outside of the crisis, Ethiopia does not have enough doctors, hospitals or medical equipment. Researchers predict that the coronavirus will be catastrophic to Ethiopia’s healthcare system, which means people with other medical conditions, like fistula, will be left by the wayside.

Your donation today ensures that help will still be available for these women with fistula. That even during a crisis, they are not alone, they are not forgotten and they need not suffer needlessly.

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"It had been 25 years living like this — I was an old woman by then. I didn’t think I could be cured..."

Until one day, a woman named Berke came to our village and was saying there was a cure for my condition.

She told me I was not cursed and not alone — she said there are thousands of women like me who live with this condition. And she told me I didn’t have to live like this anymore. 

I went with her to the nearest hospital, three hours away. I had surgery and when I woke up, I could control my urine again. Oh, the relief! I was so happy; it was a joy I hadn’t felt in decades. Now, I am cured!

Before returning home, I was trained to become a Safe Motherhood Ambassador just like Berke. I want to help the next generation. 

When my granddaughter fell pregnant last year, I told her all about being safe during pregnancy and childbirth. I helped her to attend a birth centre. And my granddaughter had a safe birth. A wonderful birth.

I feel like I am a positive force for good in my community now.

Thank you for caring and thank you for listening to my story.

Fistula patient in Ethiopia with Safe Motherhood Ambassador
Buna (right) carrying her toolkit on her Safe Motherhood Ambassador graduation day. On the left: the Safe Motherhood Ambassador, Berke, who not only helped Buna get fistula treatment but inspired her to help other women too.

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You can be part of the solution

Ours is a simple, local solution - that works and transforms lives. By donating today, you can help put an end to obstetric fistula and change a woman like Buna's life forever.