The Bishoftu Community Project

The Bishoftu Community Project

Sadly, due to war and illness there are many children in Bishoftu growing up fatherless. Mothers has been left to provide for their children without any government support and as a result, many of these families had to forgo the basics of life we take for granted such as food, shelter and education.

But the Bishoftu Community Project has changed all this.

With support from Ethiopiaid, Facilitators for Change (FC) formed small cooperative groups, made up of mothers, keen to learn and help themselves and one another. They provided them with the skills they needed to become self-sufficient and small loans to start businesses. With FC’s help, each of these wonderful mothers have generated stable livelihoods.

As a result, these cooperatives have been able to pass on FC’s gift of opportunity to other women in need. With the income generated from their successful business projects, the cooperatives have loaned money to other mothers in the area who had been struggling to provide for their families. The simple idea of revolving loans has gone from strength to strength and thousands of people in Bishoftu have benefited as a result. 

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