Nov 2019

Your monthly gift to stop period poverty

Posted by Ethiopiaid on Wednesday 27th November 2019

From Thiblets and from girls across rural Ethiopia whose futures are at risk...

...Thank you.

Every $5 a month you give buys a reusable sanitary pack containing: 

  • 4x reusable cloth pads that can be washed and hung up on the line like a normal piece of laundry

  • 2x pairs of underwear

  • And the difference between a young girl having an education and a bright future… Or being destined to an early marriage and child pregnancy, unable to escape the cycle of poverty.

​Plus, with your monthly gift, you'll also be helping to run school workshops for boys, girls and parents to put an end to period shaming once and for all. 

​A period shouldn't stop a girl's education. Today you can make sure it doesn't. 










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