Apr 2018

Help Give Kofi his Best Chance in School

Posted by Amy on Thursday 26th April 2018

Buy a primary school textbook for $6

A pencil, writing book, sharpener and backpack. These are the only four items grade 2 student Kofi has for primary school in his remote Ethiopian community. 

On a lucky day, he’ll also get a chance to look over one of the second-hand textbooks in his class. The textbooks are simple, focusing on subjects appropriate for a grade 2 primary school student – subjects like reading, numbers and spelling. 

The problem is there are only three textbooks in a class of 12. More often than not, Kofi will miss out.

It seems like a small thing, but with so few other resources in the classroom, a simple learning aid like a textbook becomes essential for learning development. Without them, students like Kofi struggle to keep up in class.

Ethiopiaid’s local partner, Jerusalem Child and Community Development Organisation (JeCCDO) is working on the ground to manufacture and distribute desperately-needed textbooks for primary schools in Ethiopia’s far east region of Dire Dawa. The textbooks are locally sourced, efficiently printed and cover basic areas of learning development for primary school students. 

But we need your help...


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