Jan 2019

You can put an end to female genital mutilation

Posted by Amy on Wednesday 16th January 2019

Thank you for standing up for the most vulnerable women in Ethiopia.

Right now, 3 in every 5 girls just like Mayram and Aisha are forced to undergo genital mutilation when they are young. And then they are married off, sometimes as young as 12 or 13.

They don’t have the right to choose. But you do.

By choosing to make a donation, you can provide the education and healthcare that’s needed to stand up for those who are most vulnerable – for infant girls facing genital mutilation now, to barely-adolescent girls forced into marriage later.

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What Australians are saying about Ethiopiaid:

"This is one of the most worthwhile charities I’ve ever heard of. My heart goes out to these poor women and their bodies. It makes me so grateful for the medical care we receive here in Australia. My love, prayers and best wishes go to all."
- Heather, Monbulk VIC



Headshots of Ethiopian girls









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