Dec 2018

Say NO to female genital mutilation

Posted by Amy on Saturday 1st December 2018

Mayram was just 10 days old when she was circumcised.

For the next two years, she spent every day fighting for her life.

Unable to perform the most basic of human functions, Mayram’s father had to squeeze her bladder every day so she could urinate. 

No matter how hard he tried, there was always stagnant urine left behind, slowly poisoning her.

Thanks to Ethiopiaid, Mayram survived.

But still today, one in every two girls born in rural Ethiopia will endure the trauma of genital mutilation before their 1st birthday.


>> Sign the pledge to say No and end female genital mutilation.

You'll raise awareness that this mutilation is still practiced and stand in solidarity with on-the-ground partners in Ethiopia fighting every day to put a stop to it.


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