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Reach more girls in rural Ethiopia

Posted by Ethiopiaid on Thursday 14th February 2019

Case study: Akeza

In Ethiopia, getting your period is shameful and misunderstood. It prevents girls from going to school and can even lead to violence.

This was 16-year-old Akeza’s experience:

“The first time I menstruated, I had stomach cramps and I was very shocked. Mothers do not usually talk about menstruation or puberty with their daughters.”

“I was very embarrassed ... I was afraid to leave the house ... I didn’t even to go to school.”

“My father saw me washing my underpants. He said that menstruation happens only after a girl has had sex with a man and that I am not ready. Then he beat me.”

Field solution: Dignity Period

Our partners at Dignity Period are working hard to address the two major barriers relating to menstrual hygiene and management for girls in Ethiopia:

  1. The lack of financial resources to purchase sanitary products; and

  2. The social stigma surrounding menstruation.

They do this by distributing menstrual hygiene management kits to girls in rural schools throughout the Tigray and Afar regions.

It’s a simple but highly effective solution.

It provides girls the sanitary items they need to manage their periods discreetly and stay in school, while also breaking down the taboo and providing youth with the facts on puberty and menstruation.

Project proposal

Dignity Period’s work takes them to schools across very remote, rural and often inaccessible regions.

Road access to these regions of Afar and Tigray can be very difficult. Our team’s current vehicles are damaged, slow and unreliable. They are constantly breaking down, leaving our team stranded in isolated areas.

This proposal is to fund emergency repairs and maintenance for existing vehicles plus contribute to a safe, new vehicle for our Dignity Period team.

We must make it safe for our teams to visit remote schools and reach as many girls as possible with these life-changing kits and information. If we don’t, girls in these communities will miss out and may be forced to leave school.

You can be part of the solution today.

Will you help Dignity Period solve their transport issues and reach more girls in more schools across Ethiopia?


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