Sep 2019

Protect women and girls

Posted by Ethiopiaid on Friday 6th September 2019

Thank you for caring.

Young women and girls face some of the greatest danger and discrimination in Ethiopia. 

...Over 50% of women like young Hasiya have already experienced sexual or physical violence in their lifetime. 

...3,500 women develop fistula every year and will be shunned by their community.

...And 1 in 2 girls will undergo brutal female genital mutilation before their 1st birthday.

It's a big problem, but you can help today.

With your donation today, you can provide the education and healthcare that's needed to protect women and girls' lives, teach about safe motherhood and put an end to violent and dangerous traditions.


Left to right: Hasiya, abuse survivor; Aberash, fistula ambassador; Halema, advocate against FGM







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