Nov 2016

Introducing Healing Hands of Joy

Posted by sharon on Wednesday 30th November 2016

There are none more passionate about eradicating obstetric fistula than women who have suffered from the devastating condition themselves. That's why Healing Hands of Joy is training fistula survivors to become Safe Motherhood Ambassadors.

On completion of their free training, the Ambassadors are able to return to their communities, armed with the passion and knowledge to help prevent other women from suffering the same fate as them. They do this through encouraging mothers to participate in safe delivery practices and never delivering alone. The women also promote better infant health by educating new mothers about vaccinations, nutrition and good hygiene and sanitation. This provides the opportunity for each Safe Motherhood Ambassador to participate in a meaningful and visible way within her community, and in turn, recover her sense of worth and self-esteem. These women also play an integral role in helping to lower maternal and infant mortality. 

Alongside this training, the Ambassadors are also encouraged to attend workshops which will allow them to develop other skills (including literacy, numeracy, and income generating activities).  Each woman receives a micro-loan or a small grant to help her start a micro-business and support her economic empowerment.

Healing Hands of Joy are part of the Ethiopian government’s task force to end obstetric fistula by 2020, and join Ethiopiaid's existing partners; Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia and Women and Health Alliance (WAHA). 

It costs $500 AUD to train each woman, which covers a two-week program where the women are given accommodation, three meals each day, training materials for them to take home, a new dress, shoes, radio, a mobile phone and an umbrella. 

Ethiopiaid Australia are thrilled to join Healing Hands of Joy's mission to eradicate obstetric fistula in Ethiopia by 2020.  No woman should have to give birth alone,  or suffer from a birthing injury in silence.

Welcome, Healing Hands of Joy!

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