Oct 2016

Introducing… Dignity Period!

Posted by sharon on Friday 7th October 2016

We are very excited to announce our partnership with three new Ethiopian organisations!! Over the next month we will be telling you all about our wonderful new partners right here on our blog. 

First of all, let us introduce - Dignity Period!

Dignity Period believes that no girl should be forced to sacrifice or miss significant portions of her education due to lack of adequate menstrual hygiene management resources, nor due to the presence of negative cultural attitudes towards menstruation and female reproductive biology. We at Ethiopiaid Australia mirror this sentiment and at the beginning of FY 2016/17 committed to funding this incredible NGO for a 12-month pilot program.

Together, we can give girls in Ethiopia the best possible chance of staying in school.

The Rural Outreach pilot program will be implemented in rural areas of Tigray, in Northern Ethiopia in FY 2016/17. It will tackle menstrual hygiene management in two ways; by easing financial burdens of menstrual products and breaking down taboos surrounding menstruation. It will also decrease the chances of health risks associated with using makeshift sanitary products, as well as the humiliation experienced by young girls who are unable to manage their period efficiently at school.

Dignity Period will provide 1,777 menstrual hygiene management kits to girls who lack the financial resources required to adequately manage their periods. The kits will include a year’s supply of menstrual hygiene supplies, including four environmentally friendly, reusable sanitary pads, and two pairs of underwear. The kit also contains a comprehensive educational booklet regarding puberty and menstruation, which will also be distributed to the 1,742 boys who attend the schools in this area.

It will also be a priority to address the underlying cultural stigmas and taboos tied to menstruation, encouraging adults to openly discuss human sexuality and reproduction with their children. This will prevent girls in Tigray from entering into their menstrual years feeling confused, ashamed and embarrassed as a result of changes in their bodies that they don’t understand. 

To donate, click here.

Click on the video above to learn about Dignity Period's work
Video credit Dignity Period // Photography Joni Kababa



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