Sep 2018

Say No to Female Genital Mutilation

Posted by Ethiopiaid on Monday 10th September 2018

Mayram was circumcised when she was just 10 days old.

This single, destructive act wrecked her tiny body and left her with chronic pain and infection - for no reason other than tradition.

Too young to say “no” to this procedure, Mayram was left voiceless in her own suffering.

Even worse are the horrific consequences she suffered.

Recurring infections. Chronic pain. The physical and psychological scars that stay with girls like Mayram forever.

You have the power to help stop this practice.

Your support will help run community workshops to teach about the dangers of FGM and the rights of young women and girls; train and mobilise new Extension Workers to work with families one-on-one and drive awareness to end FGM; and help provide access to treatment for girls who have suffered in ways no person should. 

​By giving a donation today, you can help ensure no other little girl ever has to experience the horror that is Female Genital Mutilation.


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