Oct 2017

Say No to Female Genital Mutilation

Posted by Amy on Friday 13th October 2017

Mayram was circumcised when she was just 10 days old.

This single, destructive act wrecked her tiny body and left her with chronic pain and infection - for no reason other than tradition.

Too young to say “no” to this procedure, Mayram was left voiceless in her own suffering. Even worse are the horrific consequences she suffered. Recurring infections. Chronic pain. The physical and psychological scars that stay with girls like Mayram forever.

Mayram's father spent the first two years of Mayram’s life fighting to keep her alive. He had to regularly squeeze her bladder so she could urinate. The severity of the cutting of her genitals had caused deep scarring, permanently obstructing her urethra. However hard her father tried to empty her bladder, there would always be stagnant urine left behind, slowly poisoning her.

FGM is illegal in Ethiopia. However, many communities still practice it due to a deeply-engrained cultural belief that FGM is a necessary part of upholding family honour. When something goes wrong, families are scared they will be prosecuted. This means many people don’t seek help and girls die as a result.

You have the power to help stop this practice.

...By tackling this practice from the ground up. Local partner based in Ethiopia, the Afar Pastoralists Development Association (APDA) trains “Women Extension Workers” to work with remote communities bound to these dangerous cultural traditions and drive awareness to end FGM.

Training more Extension Workers is critical. In extremely remote areas, such as Awra where Mayram and her family live, more than 80% of girls experience FGM.

It was thanks to the support of Women Extension Worker, Hasna, that Mayram’s family was able to overcome their fear of prosecution and take their daughter to the hospital – just in time to save her life from the infection that was poisoning her.  

Muusa says;

“I will never let this happen to another girl.”

You can stand with Muusa to stop this happening to another girl.

‚ÄčBy giving a donation today, you can help ensure no other little girl ever has to experience the horror that is Female Genital Mutilation.


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