Oct 2018

STOP THE CYCLE of Child Marriage & Fistula!

Posted by Ethiopiaid on Wednesday 24th October 2018


A 10-year-old girl hasn’t yet become a woman. But in Ethiopia, she may already be a wife.

Anchinalu had no choice. At only 10 years old she was forced into marriage with a man so many years her senior. She fell pregnant before her young body was ready and developed a life-shattering case of fistula.

This in unacceptable! 

You can stop this cycle in its tracks.

Help TREAT fistula patients with critical surgery, PREVENT traditions like child marriage from happening via educational training, and REINTEGRATE fistula survivors who have been rejected by society.

Your gift today will help stop another girl from living the life of misery that Anchinalu did.  


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